Local Oral History Recordings

My name is Janet Doody and I am local to Madeley.  I have begun volunteering with the museum archives and library – I am assisting their archivist Sarah who has been going through the wonderful oral history collection.

During the late 1970’s and early 1980’s local historian Ken Jones recorded, for the Ironbridge Gorge Museums, a large number of local residents talking about their younger days; at school, at work and generally about living in the area, often prior to the First World War. These valuable memories have recently been digitised making them more accessible; unfortunately in those pre-digital days no images of the participants were taken, so although their voices with their wonderful regional dialects are captured there are no photographs.

I have been tasked with trying to track down photographs, it is more than likely many of the “voices” have descendants who may still live locally and hopefully have kept the odd photo if they can be located.

The Museum would love to add the faces to these voices and is asking if any relatives have photographs they would be willing to share. I am happy for you to contact me via my email address:    janet.doody27@googlemail.com

We are looking for photographs of the following people:

Mrs Mabel Adams nee Dudley (1902- 1984) from Madeley/Coalport
Mr Bill Bagley (or Baguley), (1889-1977) from Madeley/Coalport
Mr Richard Edwin Danks (1903-1979) from Coalport/Jackfield
Mrs Ethel May Duddell nee Higginson, (1894-1981) from Ironbridge/ Madeley, Wrekin View
Mrs Lily Fowler nee Davies (Davis), (1888-1984) from Ironbridge/Coalport
Mrs Annie Edith Gallier (Gallear) nee Oakes (1891-1982) from Coalport/Stirchley
Mr Joseph Guy (1898-?); from Madeley
Mr George Jenks (1899-1983) from Madeley
Mr Cecil Thomas Jones (1897-1980) from Dawley/Admaston
Mr Arthur Lewis (1902-1981) from Coalport
Mrs Edith Eleanor Owen nee Hurdley (1892-1983) from Coalport/Wellington
Mrs Winifred Irene Mcleod, formerly Duce nee Perkins (1906-1996) from Jackfield
Mrs Annie Elizabeth Owen nee Green (1886-1979) from Ironbridge/Madeley
Mrs Mabel Philpott nee Guy (1901-1989) from Madeley
Mrs Irene Thompson nee Gainham (1907-1993) from Madeley/Ironbridge

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