Policies & Governing Documents:

Madeley Town Council publishes policies and governing and documents outlining the way that the organisation operates.  These policies and documents relate to working practices and procedures, recruitment and retention, health & safety and data protection.

The Local Government Act 1972 (updated 2020) legislates that that Madeley Town Council must have procedure rules that guide the conduct of Council meetings and meetings of its committees and sub-committees known as Standing Orders.  Madeley Town Council also has Finance Regulations that govern the financial arrangements of the Town Council.

All policies and documents of the Town Council are formally agreed by Councillors at Full Council or delegated Committee.

Governing Documents:

Key requirements are here to view:

  • Publication of all items of expenditure over £5o0
  • Salaries (remuneration in excess of £50,000 pa) There were none
  • Contracts & Tenders (in excess of £5,000)
  • Grants to Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise Sector
  • Public Asset Register (Land & Property)
  • Constitution
    • for Standing Orders
    • for Financial Regulations
  • Information regarding Councillors Expenses
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